Polar bears in Mohnbukte, Svalbard

We took the plane to Longyearbyen on Friday morning for a few days of snowmobiling around the city before going on a longer trip to the east coast. In the mornings and evenings we went to Bjørndalen or Adventdalen to photograph arctic fox , ptarmigan and reindeer. After a few days it was time get our little expedition going, a five-day trip to the east coast . Pictures of polar bears was the main objective of the trip. The ride across the mountains went smoothly and we got down to the ice edge in Agardbukta , as first stop. No sign of any polar bear but we met a couple of guys who had seen them. During the night a bear had overturned one snowmobile and eaten the seat of the other. It was bears in the area, it was just to find them. The next day we broke camp and continued our trip, first to Dunerbukta and then Mohnbukta .There we selected a camp site on the glacier at a fair distance from the ice edge . After setting camp we started to look for the polar bears. It did not take long until the first one was spotted far out on the ice edge Now it was just to follow and position ourselves correctly. This was a bit of a cat and mouse type of game, get close but not too close. During the next days we managed to get close to at least six . We got what we came for. The last day we went over to van Neidenfjorden to get some pictures of seals on the ice with their new born white puppies  During this period they are nursed on the ice but cannot dive in as their lungs are not sufficiently developed. Artic fox and glaucous gull had a feast. The chance of survival is fairly slim. We found just one puppy but next morning he was taken. No nice picture this year but I have pictues from last year. Last stop was the glacier front of Paula Breen in evening light before returning to Longyerbyen.

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