Masai Mara and Amboselli National Parks, Kenya

The Porini Lion Camp is situated along the banks of the Ntiakatiak River, a seasonal river with some permanent hippo pools near the camp or just outside the well known Masai Mara National Park. In this camp I stayed in for a short week, The game drive started before 0500 every morning and we were not back in the camp until after dark, around 1900. Not much time to enjoy the luxury guest tents in the camp. The tents are very spacious and have private verandahs along the length of the tent, providing a secluded and private 'space' to relax in and enjoy the beauty of the African wilderness. Each tent had en-suite bathrooms with flush toilets and hot showers. Food was excellent.

Duiring our stay it was the time for the crossing of the wildebeests with several thousand of them getting into the area. In other words plenty of food for the cats, lions, leopards and cheetahs  in the area. The Masai guide had always first hand knowledge of what went on and the opportunities to take unique photos happened every day.

In all other parks I visited, Amboselli, Lake Naiwasha, Lake Nakuru and Lake Elementeita it was not possible to enter until after sunrise and I had to accept the hard light of the day.

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